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When is Payday Stir Fry

Vegan, Veg, Whatever. This is a pantry free for all. Can make as many servings as whatever you have. <$1.50 per serving, even if you get fancy!

Must-have items:

Soy Sauce (I dig Kikkoman Low Sodium)

Ramen Noodles (Pictured are brown rice noodles I had in the lazy Susan)

Bagged frozen veggies (frozen from your spring garden... or a manager's special "Mexican Vegetable Blend" like I used in the pic)

Cooking oil. I used toasted sesame oil and coconut oil. 

There are literally no measurements on this because it's simply grab and go! Boil your Ramen (or any noodle really) until it's almost done, and then shock with cold water in the strainer. 

Get your oil going, throw in any seasoning you might have. I had a clove of garlic in the back of the pantry, and some near spent green onions. In they went, got fragrant, and then I added the frozen veggies straight from the freezer. Once half-thawed I added soy sauce to taste, a bit of corn starch to thicken, and then my rice noodles. I stirred to combine, and then threw them on a paper plate. Why? Because it's been a day and ain't nobody got time for dishes...    

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When is Payday Stir Fry: Project
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