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Materials And Methods In Research Paper

The methods and material section is one of the most important portions of a research paper. Students must understand that this section should be concise and relevant. There is no space for irrelevant details in any section of the research paper but the method and material section needs to be most precise.

  • Groups 1 (0–9; n=91), 2 (10–18; n=66), and 3 (≥19; n=20)” clearly delineates the scope of the study at baseline.. In the ‘Materials and Methods’ section the number of study subjects should be absolutely documented. Herein, after assignment of names to groups, in the rest of the manuscript, these names should be used.

  • 7 Tips for Writing an Effective Materials and Methods Section in Your Research Manuscript: 1. Begin writing the Materials and Methods while you are performing your experiments. Writing during the research process will prevent you from forgetting important details and save you time when you begin writing the full manuscript.

  • All materials and instruments should be identified, including the supplier’s name and location. For example, “Tests were conducted with a Vulcanizer 2.0 (XYZ Instruments, Mumbai, India).” The Methods section should not have information that belongs in another section (such as the Introduction or Results).


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