WTF (What The Food) Wednesday: The Popsicle

Frozen desserts. Once only available to royalty. Now, you can find them in the freezer section of high-end purveyors of food, right down to your local convenience store. So, what genius came up with this million-dollar idea?

An 11-year-old boy.


The Eppsicle!

The hero of our tale is young Frank Epperson of Oakland, CA. Way back in 1905, he headed out onto his back deck with a fresh glass of water, some powdered soda, and a stick for mixing. Well, tragedy struck in the way of Frank being called away from his refreshing beverage.

He never got back to his drink, and it sat out on the deck all night long. Frank found his beverage stuck tight and frozen solid in his cup the next morning. Looking to salvage the situation, he ran the glass under warm water and out slid a frozen chunk of yum. Sampling his accidental creation, Frank dubbed the creation his "Eppsicle."

Frank continued to make his Eppsicles for his friends throughout his childhood before moving on to other adventures. However, what we now know as popsicles were born in the fun facts.


Fun Fact

Once Frank had kids of his own, he started making Eppsicles for them. The kiddos were so ravenous for them that in 1923 Frank applied for a patent for his Eppsicles. However, since he was pop, his kids were always asking for "pop's sicles!"

Teaming up with the Joe Lowe Company out of New York to leverage his patent to national distribution. The creation, and the name, stuck. Thus we have a treat that can't be beat on hot summer days!

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