WTF (What The Food) Wednesday: Eggs Benedict

Now, this is the hangover movie I'd pay to see! Actually, I do pay for it quite often on Saturday mornings. Eggs Benedict is my go-to breakfast food, hangover or not. However, how did this eggy, saucy, toasty plate of yes become a top breakfast dish? More than that, how did it even come to exist? We're traveling all the way back to 1894 today! So, hang on!


Eggs Benedict

Let's set the scene. A young playboy stockbroker has awakened from a drunken night of cavorting. Head pounding and heart full of managed mischief, Lemuel Benedict stumbles into the Waldorf Hotel for a breakfast cure. Seeing nothing upon the menu that might soothe his soul (and aching head), he took it upon himself to order a la carte. The combination?

  • Poached Eggs

  • Buttered Toast

  • Bacon

  • Side of Hollandaise Sauce

Seeing this new concoction, the maitre d' asked Lemuel (a regular) about his new creation. The maitre d' took a bite and put the dish on the menu the next day. However, he changed a few items. The toast was exchanged for the fancier English muffin, ham replaced bacon, and the side of Hollandaise was poured directly over the stacked breakfast. Viola! Breakfast of champions... or boozehounds. Either way, it is *chef's kiss*!


Fun Facts

Maitre d' is short for maitre d' hotel (Master of the House). This was used in the 19th century to mean the head of the wait staff or hotel manager. As a matter of fact, there is a restaurant in the Waldorf named after Oscar Tschirky, the very maitre d' mentioned above!

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