WTF (What The Food) Wednesday: Buffalo Wings

Are you a flat or drummy kind of person? Me? Flats all day, every day. Chicken wings are not only delicious, but they have also become something of a cultural craze in the last decade. However, how did these delicious treats come to be? Let's take a look on WTF Wednesday!


The Buffalo Wing

Despite the image, the buffalo wing is definitely the wing of chicken and not buffalo. However, it was created in Buffalo, NY, at the Anchor Bar in 1964. The hero of super bowl snacks, Teressa Bellissimo, was shutting down the Anchor Bar for the evening when her son came crashing in with a bunch of his college buddies.

Naturally, being fellows of college-age, they were famished. Teressa told them to grab a seat, and she'd whip something up for them. As she rummaged through the diminished kitchen stocks, all she could find were chicken wings. Teressa had specifically ordered chicken necks but was given wings. She dropped them in the fryer, melted some butter, tossed it with hot sauce, and then sauced the freshly crispy wings.

The boys must have made quite the fuss over them because they showed up on the menu shortly after the accidental culinary masterpiece. From there, the buffalo wing has undergone countless transformations, means of delivery, bonelessness, and even some cauliflower action.


Fun Facts

  • Americans consume upwards of 1.25 BILLION wings on Superbowl Sunday

  • The most chicken wings ever consumed is 444 in 26 minutes by Patrick Bertoletti

  • On average, Americans eat 90 chicken wings per year

  • The southern United States consumes more wings than any other region

  • The Pacific region consumes less than any other region

  • Ranch is more popular than Bleu Cheese (I support this)

  • It is widely rumored that Frank's Red Hot was the sauce of the first wing

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