Why Did You Start The Fit Pauper?

I was caught off guard today. Someone asked me a question that I thought I knew the answer to—however, the words caught in my throat.

Why did I start The Fit Pauper?

I told my inquirer I'd get back to them and found myself in front of the keyboard. So, let's unbox this question together. It's important to know why someone does something, but it's more important for you to understand why something is important to you.


The Fit Pauper

I started this site because I was stuck inside a body that I did my terrible, awful, very bad part to develop but didn't necessarily want to have. Because I was "eating healthy," yet my muffin top persisted (captured gloriously with my favorite swim trunks). Because, even as a neophyte, I had an intense love and knowledge of food history and gastronomic science. However, I lacked the funds or know-how to apply any of the things I'd picked up by studying something that enamored me.

That is to say, I was working three jobs, being a full-time dad and husband, and just trying to eke out enough time for myself that I didn't break down. I had no idea about weight lifting (outside of high school weights) and even less about truly balanced eating.

That's when I landed a job that would change the trajectory of my physical health. Having coworkers come alongside you on a fitness journey is a fantastic thing. Fortunately, my body transformation came with a mental transformation. I wanted to know everything about nutrition and what was happening when I lifted heavy stuff. So I studied and became a nutrition coach and personal trainer. Not so that I could coach anyone, but so that I could better understand how it all works.

I then remembered the confused Otis Spunkmeyer-looking fellow in the before pic above. How many other folks were out there caught in that same fog of trends, fad diets, get skinny quick lies, or facing down a dreary acceptance of this is what they've become? So I wanted to start a site of random food history, recipes, physical activity, nutrition, and plain silly posts.

In steps The Fit Pauper. The name refers to the fact that I'm no man of great means, but I did it. All I aim to do with this site is to write articles that might capture someone's interest. Not some life-changing educational piece, not some instructional diagram to six-pack abs, but simple articles that can be digested quickly with a chuckle. This format captured my attention when I saw my first episode of Alton Brown's Good Eats. Hunger and humor go hand in hand.

At the end of the day, I want readers to take a single piece of knowledge from each and every one of these random posts that don't seem to link together. I've found that lasting change comes from the accumulation of kernels of knowledge one picks up through their particular journey. If I can get one person to make one healthy choice because of something written on this site or can connect a community of encouragement, I've helped someone like the guy at the beginning of this post.

Keep checking back to the site every now and again for new content. I post as often as I can with my full-time job, and I continue my own fitness journey in the process. Not every post is for every person because we're all at a different place in our adventure. I am writing this post because I want you to know why this is important to me and to assure you that your health is also important to me and many others.

You can eat healthy without going broke.

You can get fit without being able to afford a gym membership.

You can eat out without feeling guilty.

You can be both fit and a pauper.

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