What is The Fit Pauper all about?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Hey! Glad you’re here! The Fit Pauper is a fun and lighthearted site for everyone wherever they are in their fitness journey. Carnivorous and proud of it? Great! Welcome! Omnivorous friends, good to see ya! Plants only? Leaf it to me! This is a place for anyone that has ever wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, but might lack the funds, motivation, or know-how to do so! I’ve read so many guides, books, and blogs about living a healthier lifestyle. The prevailing trend is that each one is so positive and encouraging to jump in with both feet and begin. However, those that can typically do… for a little while. Then it’s back to the Standard American Diet (SAD). Not because they gave up, but got bored, got frustrated, or just plain got tired of it. That SADness was waiting on them to jump back in that drive-thru!

However, what I’ve found is that many folks don’t get into a healthy lifestyle because they simply can’t afford it! That’s right! Healthy diets are not a right; they’re a privilege! The majority of the world sustains themselves with a whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet. Not because of any trend, study, or diet fad. It’s simply the fact that those foods are what is available to them. Here in the West, we have made eating SAD quite affordable. Thus, there is an up-charge to eat healthily! I’m a marketer, so I get it. Food marketing is BIG business! It has shaped how we view our food, how we eat our food, and how we try to diet.

Who do we listen to?

What diet is right for my body type?

Is beef better than chicken?

Where do I start?

Carbs are still bad. Right?


Wait... what's a complete protein?






Woah, Woah, WOAH! It really does get like this, doesn’t it? Atkins, Keto, Paleo, and the David Diet. How many have you been through already? Sucks to limit yourself, doesn’t it?

Alright, fine! I see you get the point. So, how can this blog help you? Well, give me just a few more moments of your time and read on!

Diet is a swear word in my house. My family and I look at what we eat as our diet, not A diet. I highly recommend you do the same! Because A diet is just a limitation and given the current climate of things… folks just love to have restrictions placed, don’t they!? That’s where this blog comes in. I will write about books that will help you gain a research-backed perspective on what you eat, recipes that will keep your stomach (and piggy bank) full and happy, post videos of cooking said recipes, and posting all-around helpful items for living a truly healthy lifestyle.

Many of the posts will be the WFPB lifestyle. Especially some of the EPIC fails that have occurred during the transitions. Trust me; you’ll want to learn from my mistakes before you head down the path! I’m more than happy to share!

Anyhow, I look forward to you coming back here quite often! New content will make its way to these pages as fast as I can type them out! I hope you'll glean some info, crack a smile, and maybe even take some inspiration away into your own journey.

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