Two Outta Three Ain't Bad!

It's a beautiful weeknight. Work was great, and the preparation of a brand new dish brings relaxation to a whole new point. Dinner has been lovingly placed on the table after the home cook has poured heart and soul into their evening-time meal. The family gasps, in awe, at the plating before them! Our hero cook sits down and expectantly awaits the sounds of their family diving headlong into a dish so great that they may never want to go out to a restaurant ever again! Seconds are asked for, and then thirds. Everyone cleans their plates and then clamor to help with the dishes!

What? This doesn't happen at your house on the daily?

Mine either!

A hastily thrown together dish hits the table. Fork and knife are drawn as if a battle is about to be joined. The CSI investigation of whatever I have offered has begun.

"What's this green thing?"

"Is this an onion?"

"I don't recognize this sauce... does it have vegetables ground up in it?"

Sweat beads on my brow, and I can see she smells the fear.

"I KNEW it!"

"Mommy, stop giving daddy a hard time," my daughter comes to my rescue...

That's right; my wife is quite the picky eater. My daughter isn't too far behind her, either. So, with me being the main cook in the house, I have a decision to make each evening. Freezer meals, fast food, fully loaded Pinterest recipes; or to follow the 2/3 rule that I've come to realize over the past 16 years. The choice is quite simple, 2/3 all day err day! (Not saying to ignore all those other means of deliciousness, but maybe just as a treat) With this rule, I've been able to feed some pretty experimental dishes to my family with (almost) 100% success! Ok, fine, they eat it more often than not.

What is this magical rule? Sit back. Here we go!

These, dear readers, are crickets. Before I began my plant-based journey, I had been on the lookout for different types of protein to fuel my new weight lifting addiction. This particular product was touted as one of the most sustainable forms on the market, so my ever-present culinary curiosity was piqued. Plus, eating bugs in our neck of the woods was reserved for playground dares. So, bonus points for showing off to family and coworkers by munching down on a handful of these crispy critters!

Upon their arrival, they were opened and crammed into my pie-hole with reckless abandon! They are actually a pretty good snack if you can get past that sense of eating bugs. C'mon, tons of folks around the world do it! Anyhow, my daughter came wandering into the kitchen to find out what was going on. So, like any good dad, I handed her a cricket. After I threw away the one she slung across the room, I explained what it was and gave her another.

I explained that it tastes like a Frito with BBQ flavoring. See? Two things she loves, and one thing she calls me to take care of when one finds its way anywhere near her person. Still, she ate it after some cheering on. Know what? She actually liked it! From that point on, one of my staunchest opponents at dinner time gave me a bit more leeway. If he was right about the bug, what else might he be right about?

Well, it turns out both my girls have been fans of this plant-based way of eating as well! Just have to keep 2 out of 3 things familiar, and down the hatch! Vegan Alfredo, Vegan "cheese" Dip, and Vegan Taco Pasta. All things they love, with a plant base (plus tons of other veggies, legumes, fruits, grains, and spices). That's what healthy eating is all about! Taking what we crave, that may not be great for us, and making something that tastes great with little to none of the bad!

This doesn't just apply to plant-based eating; trust me! You can switch out your burger and fries, for burgers and broccoli/cauliflower tots, your DQ Dilly Bar with a Dairy-Free option, or pile a few more veggies on that Subway sandwich. A healthier way of eating is only 1/3 of a step away!

Keep plugging away, and remember that small steps are still steps in the right direction!

Now, on to do the dishes!

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