How's that Resolution going?

We are on the downhill side of 2021, and I wanted to ask you a question. How's that resolution coming?

If you're sticking to your guns, I applaud you. However, there are other distractions coming if this year has taught us anything thus far. Let's take a look at a few ways to resolutely stand by your, well... resolutions!


Focus on the Positive

Even if you've deviated from your plan, don't look at it as a failure. Here at the Fit Pauper, we're strong proponents of everything in moderation. Including moderation! If you've already slipped and had a cheat day (or three dozen), then be done with it and look forward to knowing that you'll be stronger for it.

You've got a list… right? If you don't, then get to writing. Slapping down a big fat checkmark next to a completed goal chemically rewards you with dopamine. I make checklists for my checklists, and my brain rewards the swipe of my highlighter. You should give it a try!

Also, a lot of dieters make the mistake of focusing on what they're restricting from their diet rather than all of the things they can have. I can't have soda! However, you can have tea, water, kombucha, and any other soft drinks out there. I can't drink alcohol anymore! However, you can better enjoy the time with your family, friends, and work on your physical health.

Stay positive, and focus on what you can do to further your goals.


Shut up and do the Work!

Actions absolutely speak louder than words when it comes to personal goals. I seem to have trouble with this one as well. Me telling someone my goal nearly constitutes achieving that goal, and I won't put as much work into it afterward.

There seems to be a caveat to this rule. Studies have shown that sharing broad goals such as general weight loss will create a false sense of accomplishment. The vaguer the goal, the worse the follow-through got in the study. There was no true goal to accomplish, and so ended in talking.

The other side of the coin is that the more specific your goals are, the better your chance of achieving them if you share the plan with friends. This is because you were able to talk about the process rather than the end goal. Thus it enabled folks to map out better, memorize, and understand how they were getting to where they were going!


Write it all Down

An action plan is the best. Like I stated above, marking things from your list is one of life's natural highs. I highly suggest that. I map out my days a week at a time. No, I don't plan everything down to the hour, but I do write out the following in my planner.

  • What I'm grateful for (each morning).

  • Four habits I'm looking to improve.

  • Priorities (Work & Personal).

  • To-Do Today

  • Big Wins Today (each evening)

  • Improve Tomorrow (each evening)

  • Weekly Review

  • Big Wins

  • Improve

  • I'm Excited For

  • I'm Focusing on

  • Projects

This is the planner I use.


Commit to 28 Days

It's 5:15 am, and I am looking at my dark ceiling as my dog puts his head on my chest to keep me from getting up. I scratch his ear to placate him and extract myself from the bed. I then shed my jammies, morning ablutions, get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, let the dogs out, make coffee, check the air in our tires, cook breakfast, get lunches together, grab a bag, kiss my wife and daughter on the head, make sure to tell them I love them, and then head out the door to work.

I don't even have to think about it. It's a habit. It takes a person 28 days to form a healthy habit and an average of 66 days for it to become automatic.

I work out at the office gym at 11:00 am every weekday. So much so that folks will wish me a good workout before I even grab my bag. They know, as I know, it's time to put in work.

Commit to 28 days (straight) of your resolution, and I can almost promise you'll start to have to think less about making it happen!


Track your Progress

Fitness trackers, calendars, apps, or whatever! Make sure that you are actively tracking whatever it is that you're working towards. Want to be more kind this year? Write down what good you did this day. Looking to lose weight? Download MyFitnessPal, and get to logging foods that will help you understand your weight loss journey.

Track your progress however you can.


Danger! Rewards ahead.

Making progress is a good thing. Rewarding that progress is a great idea. However, make sure your rewards are not counterproductive. Just like someone celebrating sobriety shouldn't reward themselves with a drink, someone trying to lose weight shouldn't reward themselves with a pile of junk food after a workout.

Think about an alternative reward system. A massage when you reach a goal. A shopping trip with the squad. A new gym shirt (I love this one). Anything that will not work against your goals.


Don't go it alone!

The most important thing you can do to stick to any and all progress goals is to find a like-minded person/group to make the journey with you! It's this very thing that made me realize I'm actually a competitive person! You might be too. Nothing like a little healthy competition to drive results!

That being said, if you're noticing your friends being a bad influence then you may want to find a different sort of accountability partner! That being said, my username is Gteems on MyFitnessPal! Happy to become an accountability friend!


Everyone struggles when they first start out! Don't believe me? Here's how I failed 20 different ways, at first. When you do deviate, please don't take it as a failure. Identify what made you fall off, and then climb right back on a bit smarter for it.

You got this! 2021 may have started off rocky, but that doesn't mean it's not the year you make yourself!

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