Getting Started with Lifting Weights

Lifting heavy things is excellent. No, it may not be your favorite thing you've ever done. However, it'll be one of the healthiest things you've done for yourself! Also, no... you're not about to get swole AF. Unless that's your goal and you're eating for it. Otherwise, you'll gain lean muscle and therefore increase the number of calories your body burns at rest. This subsequently allows you to eat more! Now, that's motivation!

But... where to start? The internet is a great place! I mean, you're here already, right? Then again, it can be quite overwhelming. There are SO many workouts that you could start out doing.

I was out of lifting for nearly a decade and was also lost on where to start over. Many workouts I found were too easy, and others were so hard that I couldn't move the week after I finished a rotation! There had to be a middle ground. Well, there was! Here's what I came up with!

I started with the following on a four-week rotation with a rep scheme of:

Week 1: 4 Sets of 10

Week 2: 4 Sets of 12

Week 3: 5 Sets of 10

Week 4: 5 Sets of 12

Then, increase weight as desired and start over. In this way, I have surpassed my max from 10 years ago. Take your time and make sure to complete all reps in each set.


Monday -- Chest Day!

Tuesday -- Arm Day! All Hail.

Wednesday -- Cardio Only Day...

You have been including some cardio in with your lifting so far, haven't you? Great! So, you're going to want to go ahead and run 5 miles at a 10 minute per mile pace. What? Can't you do that?

Ha, neither can I!

Ok, so you'll want to start slow here. I began by walking the neighborhood with my daughter at lunch during the COVID quarantine. It was an 18 or 19-minute mile pace. Nothing earth-shattering, but enough to get the old ticker pumping. After that, I moved to walking three miles at whatever pace I could make happen during one lunch break a week. Then, I bumped that up to walking three miles at lunch five days a week. Now, I run two miles at lunch every day (and on the weekends with my pup, Rip).

The key here is to run when you can, as far as you can, and then walk to rest. There is no shame in going slow. Know why? Because others aren't moving at all!

Thursday -- Leg Day (Never Skip Leg Day)

Friday -- Shoulders

Saturday -- Back

Sunday -- Tis the Lord's Day. Rest.

Alright, admittedly, I don't rest on Sunday. As a Christian, I know that might be frowned upon. However, also as a Christian, we do all things to the glory of the Lord. So, hallowed be thy gains!

After church, I look for something fun to get into instead of the same old same old. Kayaking, mountain biking, walking at the local park with my family, ax throwing, gun shooting ('Merica), taking a leisurely jog at the local mountain biking park, hiking a trail, chopping wood for what I hope will be a cold winter, or anything really to get the blood pumping. The more fun, the better.


The most important thing about this list of exercises is: Go at your own weight/pace! Seriously, stick with this, and you'll see a difference. I certainly did. Eat right, put in the work, and STICK WITH IT! My body is still changing for the better, albeit slowly. The great thing about first getting started is the larger amount of ground you seem to gain in the first few months. Keep plugging along, increasing your lifting weight, and putting in more time for your health!

Next time we'll look at bodyweight workouts that can do the very same thing as the above. Gym memberships are a privilege, and the 'Rona has made sure that home gym equipment is hard to come by! I got you covered next time!

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