Food Myth Friday: Skipping Breakfast is a Good Way to Lose Weight Faster.

Ah, breakfast. Some claim it's the most important meal of the day. To me, it's the BEST meal of the day. My body has been repairing itself all night, my stomach is demanding sustenance, and my fridge is stocked with some awesome breakfast, something to fill that need!

However, some shun breakfast. Maybe they're not awake enough, or not very hungry when they get up, or just don't want to eat the calories that breakfast provides to lose weight. Sigh, that's really a thing... and it makes me sad. So, let's take a look and see if skipping breakfast will really help you lose weight faster!


Skipping Breakfast & Weight Loss

Well, it turns out that there may actually be something to the claim that those that forgo breakfast tend to weigh less. But less weight doesn't equal health. So, keep that in mind. However, let's take a look at why skipping breakfast might help you lose weight.

Well, the research found that folks who consume breakfast tend to take in significantly more calories overall than those that skip the most glorious meal of the day. Woah, hold the phone... you're telling me that eating an extra meal a day adds more calories to a diet. Funny what folks study.

Interestingly, though, the study concluded that the traditional conclusion of folks skipping breakfast and snacking heavily is mistaken. Those that skipped breakfast actually snacked less during the day. What's more, the analysis found that the basal metabolic rate of breakfast-eaters and breakfast-skippers were practically identical.

After comparing all 13 of the studies, researchers found that breakfast-skippers weighed an average of 1lb less than their breakfast-eating compatriots. Although weight isn't a standard for full health. Plus, the breakfast-skippers were probably sad (completely unscientific opinion from breakfast expert... me)


The Case for Breakfast

The British Dietetic Association notes that research shows, "People who eat breakfast have more balanced diets than those that skip, and are less likely to be overweight. Furthermore, they are more likely to lose fat more successfully if overweight."

Now, for those that are just wanting to cut out calories and lose weight, skipping breakfast may be the key. However, if you're striving for actual well-balanced health, you would do well to remember your breakfast. We fail to remember that getting enough calories to fill our everyday needs while resting is tricky (check out #4).


All in all, breakfast shouldn't be vilified, nor should it be lauded as the end all be all best meal of the day. Like any meal, it has the calories that can fuel or over fuel your needs. Also, like any other meal, the quality of what you eat will affect your day.

That being said, breakfast is my favorite meal. It has the best potential to be one of the easiest times of the day to get a fully balanced meal and meet any number of nutrition targets!

You do you, and I'll do breakfast!

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