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Brown Sugar Bourbon Flank Steak & Sweet Potato

4 Servings $4.50 Per Serving

3lbs Flank Steak (Fat Trimmed)

3 Tbsp McCormick Brown Sugar

4 Medium Sweet Potatoes

Ok, yes... three ingredients. This one isn't going to blow your socks off with flavor, but it's GREAT for a cut cycle. Plenty of protein, and some high fiber carbs to fuel your workout. 

Rub your flank steak in the seasoning. Add more if you like a stronger flavor. Let it sit for a least an hour in the fridge. I grilled mine under a broiler for 2 min on each side (and it honestly got a bit done for my taste). However, feel free to grill it for another level of flavor! 

I baked my sweet potatoes at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Once everything is done, slice the steak across the grain, slice your potatoes, or leaven them whole, and place in the four bowls evenly. 

I eat my sweet potatoes plain, but you do you. 

Bourbon Brown Sugar Flank Steak and Swee
Brown Sugar Bourbon Flank Steak & Sweet Potato: Project
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