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What is The Fit Pauper All About?

Getting healthy on a tight budget!

Whether you're just starting your fitness journey (like me), or are a seasoned workout warrior looking for new recipes and ideas (which we all should be), you've come to the right place! 

The Fit Pauper is more than a healthy living site. It's a place to get some simple advice, motivation, or ideas to begin or continue your walk to a healthier you on a minimal budget! 

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About The Author

Garrett Teems, Court Jester for Life

A little over a decade ago, I was in terrible shape. We had just welcomed our bouncing baby girl to the world, and I was the unhealthiest I'd ever been. A solid 6' tall and 305 lbs. I never even saw it coming. 

So, in honor of my new daughter, I decided to try and remake my body. I went lacto-ovo vegetarian for two whole years. I shed 70 lbs through diet alone. I never was able to get into exercising. 

Well, life caught back up and the weight started piling back on! So, I jumped from one fad diet to another with zero results. That's when I started a new job, and there are folks there that are total health nuts! They talked me into working out, and I was hooked. 

 Once I caught the exercise bug, I hit my first plateau and had no idea what to do next. So, I did what I always do when I want to know something: I read! Books, blogs, podcasts (not reading, I know), and anything and everything I could on diet pertaining to gains. 

What I quickly learned is that everyone has an opinion, barely any of them agree with one another, living like this was pretty freaking expensive, and no one really talked about health being a privilege! 

The Fit Pauper was born! 

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